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A little history

In 1850, a local notable, Dr. MORIN, invests a very poor land of moors, where there is simply a mill and a large miller's house. The site is located on a small hill at the top of which a vein of white quartz outcrops. The place is naturally called the White Rocks.

Dr. MORIN decides to make it a place of pleasure and undertakes considerable work to build a bourgeois house and its outbuildings. It is probably based on the skills of Italian builders who worked in the region of Clisson near Nantes. The traces of their passage are clearly visible, especially with the arches of the barn and the surrounding openings of the house made of bricks.

All around, he draws a landscape that is inspired by the influence of English parks with open spaces on perspectives lined with more intimate woodlands. He brings in exotic tree species: Atlas cedars, Tulip trees, Robinia.He finally digs the pond called "Marre aux Loups" which becomes a popular walking destination.

This site has gone through more than 170 years of history and passed down from generation to generation, progressively moving from the project of a man in the middle of the 19th century to a rich and lively place where heritage, environment and responsible agricultural production come together. , forestry and tourism.