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The White Rocks today and tomorrow?

This site has gone through more than 170 years of history and presents itself with rare qualities. All the main features of Dr. MORIN's project are always present, visible and alive. Only a few buildings have found more current functions.

  • Stables and attics have become housing (the farmer's house that runs the site and the cottage in the garden).
  • In the woods, a cottage attracts attention. it is a former hunting lodge and more recently an old dependence of a tennis court today invaded by the forest. We welcome you today to stay at Roches Blanches under the name of Pavillon des Bois.
  • The miller's house is still there and with more than 250 m² habitable we have renovated it to become the Gîte du Fenil and Gîte des Glycines.
The trees, which are now well over 100 years old, have seen the emergence of this place and bear witness to the passage of time. They structure the landscape and attract visitors to their feet.

Les Roches Blanches is also a place of today .The generations follow each other and take turns to face the challenges that arise to preserve and develop these places of history. Isabelle and Jacques Moreau have been living in the area for 40 years and provide the delicate mission to bring the Roches Blanches to the 21st century. From a bourgeois holiday resort, it becomes a complex field of expression of the balances of our time. We must meet the challenge of proposing an economic activity for the preservation of heritage and the environment.

Rentals Gîtes participate in this mission and also allow Roches Blanches to be an open, sharing and exchange. The Parc des Roches Blanches, the activities that take place there (agriculture and forestry) and its inhabitants (permanent and temporary) constitute a living organism.

In 2013, Les Roches Blanches were distinguished. It is today a "classified site".

Staying at the Roches Blanches, you participate in a beautiful project that we are very proud and very happy to wear.